b.1983, Kathmandu, Nepal.
Lives and works in Bengaluru, India

My approach to a blank canvas is with a blank mind. I do not plan. It is a journey on its own, a meditation, a mindfulness reaching into my state of consciousness, relating my past to my present and my future. Subjects are phases I go through, the questions that arise in my life, and therefore on my canvases.


There are phases when I paint the feminine form. Women’s emotions, the building of their character, their struggle with surrounding elements, spirituality, hidden love, different phases of their lives. I am a woman too and these canvases are usually a consequence of the fight between my two selves: the one that is presented as loud and happy, and the other that is silent, observing, and always questioning.


These canvases are my meditation on questions of life, my path to peace of mind, my method for Buddhatwa. These are the whys and hows and whens and whats and whos. These are not the answers but the means of getting closer to an understanding.


Often, we find ourselves suffocating. The many things that surround us congest our lives and there is this intense need for space for freedom. It becomes a requirement. In such times, to paint becomes my method, my meditation.


I want to fly. I have always wanted to fly. And flying somehow has come to signify freedom for me. Freedom from restrictions placed by cultures and traditions, societies and beliefs, the other and the self. These are unrestrictive journeys. You cannot restrict yourself within such boundaries. You have to fly beyond. To fly is to be anywhere, to be whatever you want to be.


When you are walking in the dark, one little light means life. Means food, warmth and shelter. The light bulb has grown into my works. It is that little bit of hope and warmth which gives us the strength to continue even when we are tired, frustrated and close to giving up. It makes us walk a little further, a little longer, becomes our guiding star.

Nilima Sikhrakar